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New Horizons believes in keeping their hands open wide to the needs around them on a local, national and global level. Below are the organisations that New Horizons prayerfully and financially support.


Local Missions

School Chaplaincy in Whittlesea    

New Horizons supports a much needed and appreciated ministry to the Whittlesea community: our chaplain Peter Ackland.

Peter has been chaplain for four years at Whittlesea Primary School.  He is excellent with his hands and many of the children enjoy his project work among them.  He has a great rapport with the school community and his pastoral work is much appreciated.


Breakaway Camps                  Breakaway camps

Breakaway Camps Inc. has been in operation now for more than 23 years. Their aim is to provide a program of outdoor recreation for disadvantaged young people, primarily 10-15 year olds, for the purpose of improving their lifestyle by providing alternatives, which will give them a sense of achievement and self-esteem. Breakaway Camps achieve this in an atmosphere of support within a non-threatening environment, by providing sound leadership, demonstrating faith-based principles.

Breakaway exists to break the cycle by concentrating on the causes rather than the symptoms of these young people’s problems.  Early intervention through an ongoing, long term program is what makes a real difference.  This is the Breakaway difference; ongoing adventure, care and guidance from the age of 10-15.

Because these young people live in financially, socially and emotionally disadvantaged situations, there is no charge to the family/carers for the activities. They therefore rely greatly on regular financial support to be able to provide this service to families.

For more information see Breakaway Camps.

National Mission includes:

MAF – The Vanderveld Family            

There is a whole generation of aboriginal people that have grown up without hope and massive social issues. The suicide rate amongst aboriginal people is the 2nd highest in the world and 4 times the Australian average. The UN describes the aboriginal’s quality of life as being the second worst in the world while Australians are now the second wealthiest in the world per capita. MAF is helping to right this wrong by bringing practical and spiritual hope to some of the people in the world that need it most.

Roland and Sarah with their children have been partnering with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to fulfil this calling to bring help, hope and healing since August 2014 in Arnhem Land.

MAF is a non-profit team of aviation professionals providing air transport in places of deepest human need – remote places where flying is not a luxury, but a lifeline. For over 70 years, MAF has flown over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring thousands of men, women and children medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and Christian hope.

Roland brings 15 years experience in a management career and study at Bible college.  Sarah has held many roles that supported disadvantaged peoples and their communities. Both Sarah and Roland have a real heart for the Yolgnu aboriginal people of Arnhem Land and use their skills and experience to bring Christian hope to them.

You can find the Vandervelds on Facebook

Global Missions include:

In Africa’s poorest villages, HIV/AIDS, orphaned children and Hands-at-Work-logo
poverty are at overwhelming levels and support structures are very low. Institutional models of care, such as hospitals and orphanages, are overwhelmed and unable to cope with the sheer volume of needed care.

Hands at Work is striving to reach the most vulnerable, those that would not have been reached otherwise. Without access to food, education and basic health care, children are left extremely vulnerable. Therefore in accordance with international standards of child care, Hands at Work does not s
ay it “cares” for a child until they are able to provide access to these three things.

In this HAW Classmodel, orphaned children are kept within family-unit groups headed by a local caregiver (a grandmother, an aunt, or an elder sibling) within the community, where they receive the psycho-social care that family and community provide. The community-based organisations then support these families through community Care Points and teams of trained local Care Workers who visit the children in their homes.

This approach utilises the community’s existing resources, and forms the basis of a partnership between the local community and outside supporters in caring for the most vulnerable. The Hands at Work model of care was deemed a “best-practice” model by USAID.

New Horizons is strongly linked with Hands at Work. We send teams every two years to our communities in Africa, are involved in supporting many orphans and also in supporting George Snyman and his family as they lead the team in Africa.

For more information see Hands At Work

Kids Works International Europe – The Santostefano Family 


John is the Children’s Ministry Director at Lifechurch Europe, overseeing both the Bedworth and Nuneaton campuses. This is a full time position, funded part by Lifechurch and part from missionary support.

KWI seeks to transform, equip and expand the heart of Children’s Ministry worldwide. John and Christine inspire and inform the church, through specialized training events, conferences, mentoring and short term mission trips. By forming strategic partnerships with churches and denominational church movements around the globe, that have a desire to reach this new rising generation of children, they multiply culturally relevant methods and strategies, which maximise the impact of the local church on it’s community.


“We believe building a successful local Kid’s Ministry can, and will, help churches around Europe do the same. Our dream is to be able to house Kid’s Leaders from around Europe for short periods of time, to train, equip and encourage them to ‘Go and do likewise!’”


Wyndham Global Ministries – Europe

Stephen and Maylin Wyndham are one of the missionary families our church helps to support.

They are responsible for church planting and leadership training in Europe. Currently they are doing the ground work for major church planting and leadership development in Poland and the Czech Republic.Wyndham chn

They have bought a house in Southport in England where they live with their two children, Joelle and Josiah. The children attend a local school and they are all happily settled there and attend Shoreline Church. Maylin is involved with creative ministries and various leadership roles in this church.

You may see what they are doing currently by visiting Wyndham Global Ministries


One Life Partner

Australian Christian Churches International


New Horizons supports ACCIM in being a One Life Partner. This monthly financial commitment makes the everyday operations of ACC International possible thus helping support the work of our ACC missionaries.

For more information visit ACCI Missions

 Operation Christmas ChildOCC_Graphics_logo

Each year New Horizons sends out gift boxes to needy children around the globe.