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Connect Groups



Connect Groups are about meeting with other believers and forming connections for the purpose of encouraging and supporting one another. Connect Groups at New Horizons Church taken on many different forms. We have groups who connect based on gender, on age, on life stage as well as interest based groups.

If you would like to connect with others in a meaningful way, to find encouragement and support in your walk with God (even whilst sharing a hobby together like craft or a sport), consider joining an existing group, or beginning your own. For more information on joining a group below or starting a new group please email Pastor Bruce Langford: bruce@nhchurch.com.au .

Connect Groups currently available

Youth – Tues (fortnightly), 7 pm,┬áVarious locations

Young Adults-Tues (fortnightly) 7 pm, Doreen

Young Adults-Tues (fortnightly) 7 pm, Whittlesea

Adults- Tues (weekly) 7.30 pm, Whittlesea

Adults-Wed (weekly) 10 am Whittlesea

Adults-Thurs (weekly) 7.30 pm Doreen

Men-Mon (fortnightly) 7.30 pm, Doreen

Family-Thurs (fortnightly) 7.30 pm, Doreen

Women-Tues (monthly), 2 pm, Whittlesea

Women-Wed (fortnightly), 7.30 pm, Whittlesea

Women-Thurs (fortnightly) 7.30 pm, Doreen