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New Horizons Church

We are a growing church of ordinary people learning to live extraordinary lives because we’ve been deeply affected by God’s love.

New Horizons Church

We are a growing church of ordinary people learning to live extraordinary lives because we’ve been deeply affected by God’s love.

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How Kingdom Culture Affects Everyday Life

Our series follows on from the topic “What the Kingdom of God is Like”.  The culture that Jesus taught his disciples about was a different one from the culture of His time.  Loving one’s neighbour, praying for those who persecute you and being persistent in the face of adversity are some of the ways kingdom culture differs from the one around us.

Come along and hear how relevant the Bible is to such vital topics as: how to resolve conflict, how to handle anger, stress and finances, and how to love those who are difficult to love.


New Horizons Whittlesea Campus

Sundays @ 10 am | 28 Forest St Whittlesea

Vibrant Kids Program provided

Coffee, tea & morning tea provided after the service

News from Africa – Week 1

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus!

We arrived in Zambia safely and were very appreciative of your prayers for us. It was quite a shock to arrive to 34 degree heat, but we all settled in quickly to our temporary home at Kachele Farm in Luanshya, Zambia. It was straight into action though, as we had to unpack all our cases and begin to prepare for the children’s arrival next morning. We were all tired, but excited. We were all up early next morning for prayer meetings and orientation and then prepared for the children to arrive.

When the bus arrived, we saw the children for the first time and they all looked nervous, but excited. We have witnessed this scene many times before, knowing that the children would take some time to warm to their camp leaders. As the children came off the bus we greeted them and spent some time getting to know their names.

Over the next few days, the team did an excellent job with the children and had the privilege of witnessing the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of each child and leader. In small groups of 5 children plus 2 leaders, they shared their stories, some weeping as they shared their fears. 

Each day a scripture was shared and life applications discussed. The children especially related to the story about Jesus in the boat when he calmed the storm. They talked about the “storms” they experience and encouraged us when they verbalised that it is good to trust Jesus and have faith in him to help them.

On Tuesday Levy, Andrew and myself (Shane) travelled down to Kabwe and visited three CBO’s, meeting and ministering to the caretakers at each point. It was a great privilege to listen to their stories and then pray for them. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully amongst them, and as they came out for prayer they were confessing their sins and asking for prayer to start afresh. At each CBO we saw God at work powerfully in the lives of each of these amazing people. Even in the brokenness, they were ministering to the vulnerable children. One of the men even came to me and shared his heartache for a son who was addicted to drugs, and he did not know how to deal with it. I was stunned to hear that story from a man in Zambia. Needless to say, I could tell him I understood his paining was able to minister to him.

There will be a few tears shed tomorrow as the children leave, but we have sown a lot of love, joy and hope into their lives which we pray will be life changing for them. But at least we will see them again next week as we visit their school and visit them in their homes.

We appreciate your continued prayers.

Ps Shane and Millie


Watch this space for updates and news from Pastor Shane and the team in Africa!

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